What We Do


Our purpose is to empower young individuals from underserved communities, equipping them with the skills they need to aspire for and achieve their dreams.

We give students access to unique opportunities, such as work-taster days and job shadowing, giving them a clearer understanding of their career options.

We raise aspirations and future goals, with students feeling more motivated to pursue higher education or vocational training.


The cost of youth unemployment is forecast to be £2.5 billion and is on track to be £14.4bn over the next seven years (The Prince’s Trust, 2024)

72% of students from underserved communities have low aspirations. This demographic are also amongst the highest in youth suicide (R Goto, 2021).

Amongst young people the aspiration to have ‘an interesting job’ declined 22% between the ages of 14-17 (Calder and Cope, 2020).


An education system that embeds soft skill development into the curriculum

Providing opportunities that allow young people to gain confidence and skills

Collaborative effort, that enriches young people's experiences and prospects

Empowering young people to become the highest, truest versions of themselves


Young People

Our Programme is specifically designed for young individuals aged 14-18 who are in receipt of free school meals, at risk or NEET (not in education, employment or training). We provide nurturing environments and experiences that foster personal growth and professional development.

Our programme is open for registration all year round to schools, pupil referral units (PRUs) and academy trusts.

The Skills Builder Framework

AA Educates partners with Skills Builder to integrate a Universal Framework into our programme, teaching and measuring essential skills. This framework breaks down each of the eight skills into sequential steps, guiding personal development from beginner to mastery. Our approach adds rigour to soft skills development, ensuring measurable outcomes.

*Supports Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4, 5 and 6


Measuring Impact

We measure long-term impact and personal growth, ensuring that our efforts are making a sustained and meaningful difference. We assess students' aspirations and attitudes towards their futures before and after the programme to measure changes in their outlook and motivation. Students are also assessed three times during the course of the programme on their development and strengthening of essential skills, through a digital skill builder tracking and reporting system. Mentors provide regular reports on student progress, challenges faced and milestones achieved during the programme.

Student Selection

Schools carefully select cohorts made up of between 20-25 students, who fit our eligibility criteria. Schools also have the option of creating multiple cohorts.

By leveraging our school partnerships, we have created a strategic approach to student recruitment which ensures that we reach the students who need our programme the most and who are most likely to benefit from it.


Each student is paired with a dedicated mentor who provides ongoing support, guidance and encouragement.

To ensure the effectiveness and quality of our programme, mentors undergo comprehensive training covering various aspects of their roles, including delivery of weekly essential skill workshops.


Schools pay a small registration fee per student of £24, which covers the entire 39-week programme.

We offer our programme to schools 100% subsided with support from grants, donations  and sponsorships.


We recognise our responsibility and reinforce our commitment to creating environments where safety and wellbeing are prioritised by the due diligence we carry out, fostering a culture where staff and volunteers share this commitment.

Our Safeguarding Framework features a comprehensive safeguarding policy alongside detailed procedures that outline our responsibilities and strategies for ensuring the safety of everyone under our care.

If you would like to discuss a safeguarding issue, please call us on: 0207 101 3290


Improving attendance
Diversifying success
Connecting resources
Reducing unemployment
Upskilling generations
Advancing communities
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