What We Do


Our purpose is to empower young individuals from underserved communities, equipping them with the skills they need to aspire for and achieve their dreams.

Aspiration is formed in response to knowledge and opportunities.
Amongst young people the aspiration to have ‘an interesting job’ declined 22% between the ages of 14-17 (Calder and Cope, 2020).

Recognising the gravity of this issue, AA Educates is stepping forward with targeted initiatives designed to rekindle motivation and inspire higher aspirations.


The cost of youth unemployment is forecast to be £2.5 billion and is on track to be £14.4bn over the next seven years (The Prince’s Trust, 2024)

72% of students from underserved communities have low aspirations. This demographic are also amongst the highest in youth suicide (R Goto, 2021).

It is well known that unemployment rates are significantly higher among underserved communities. This concerning trend not only poses a risk to their prospects but also to our collective societal advancement.


An education system that embeds soft skill development into the curriculum

Providing opportunities that allow young people to gain confidence and skills

Collaborative effort, that enriches young people's experiences and prospects

Empowering young people to become the highest, truest versions of themselves


Young People

Our Programme is specifically designed for young individuals aged 15-18 who are in receipt of free school meals or NEET (not in education, employment or training). We provide nurturing environments and experiences that foster personal growth and professional development.

Our programme is open for registration to schools, academy trusts, parents and self-registration.

Essential Skills

Listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork.

The above essential skills are key to success in education, employment and wider life. We recognise the importance of building these skills early,  equipping young people for success. We support young people to set skill goals and consider how these can be achieved during their 'turn challenge into opportunity' projects.

*Supports Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4, 5 and 6



This initiative is designed to provide youth with direct access to industry leaders and experienced professionals who can offer guidance, share insights and help navigate career paths or personal development journeys.

These sessions also provide networking opportunities.

Aspiration to Action

Over the course of the year, it is truly inspiring to witness every young person involved in our programme develop their unique aspiration into actionable plans, poised for future success.

These plans represent the dedication and creativity displayed by our young people, paving the way towards a promising horizon. Our cohorts look back on their plans with immense pride, on the progress made and look forward with even greater anticipation to their future accomplishments.

Turn Challenge into Opportunity

Our cohorts tackle real-life business challenges sourced from our esteemed business partners, as projects. These are opportunities for hands-on learning and demonstration of practical skills by aspiring professionals.

Over a period, they work diligently on these challenges and culminate their journey by presenting viable solutions back to the business.

Impact - Long Term Personal and Profession Success

We monitor the progress of our young individuals concerning apprenticeships, internships, further education pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavours. Our monitoring efforts have shown an increase in the number of youth engaging in valuable opportunities.

This positive trend not only indicates raised aspirations but also reflects the implementation of essential skills, used to overcome barriers that previously hindered their growth.


We recognise our responsibility and reinforce our commitment to creating environments where safety and wellbeing are prioritised by the due diligence we carry out, fostering a culture where staff and volunteers share this commitment.

Our Safeguarding Framework features a comprehensive safeguarding policy alongside detailed procedures that outline our responsibilities and strategies for ensuring the safety of everyone under our care.

If you would like to discuss a safeguarding issue, please call us on: 0207 101 3290


Improving attendance
Diversifying success
Connecting resources
Reducing unemployment
Upskilling generations
Advancing communities