What We Do


Ambition is formed in response to achievement.
Amongst disadvantaged young people the aspiration to have ‘an interesting job’ declined 22% between the ages of 14-17 (Calder and Cope, 2020).

We exist to ensure that young people achieve life-long positive outcomes. That they develop ambitious, achievable aspirations, combined with the belief, confidence, information and inspiration they need to persevere toward their goals.

We are on a mission to ensure that students from low-income backgrounds have fair chances of success, that align with their ambitions, abilities and potential.


It is well known that unemployment rates are significantly higher among disadvantaged people and that state school students are not receiving appropriate career support due to funding cuts, disproportionately impacting disadvantaged students.

72% of students from low-income backgrounds have low aspirations, however, this is not a reflection of their academic ability. ‘Disadvantaged high achievers’ are students who have the academic ability to do well, but, lack the resources and opportunities to reach their true potential.

This leaves a particular demographic of students finishing school with exceptional grades and entering society without a pathway to utilise the grades or their potential.

This demographic are also amongst the highest in youth suicide (R Goto, 2021).


An education system that includes the development of lifelong achievement.

Work experiences that consider the futures of disadvantaged high achievers, allowing them to gain confidence, skills and explore different career paths.

A world where a young person’s prospects are determined by their ability and not by their household income.

Changing mindsets and encouraging and scaffolding the blue-sky ambitions of students.


1. Student selection

Schools select ten students, in receipt of free school meals, to complete our 1-year programme.

2. Delivery Partnerships

We partner with businesses, universities, independent schools and communities to offer students experiences, tuition and mentorship.

3. Matching

We match cohorts to our delivery partners, who support us in delivering our programme.

4. Progress plans

Each week, students spend time with their programme mentor; developing their progress plans, building their aspirations and life goals.

5. Life-changing opportunities

Students are offered various incredible experiences throughout the year and are provided with career guidance along the way.

6. Reports

We will measure impact in a number of ways and produce termly and annual impact reports.


Our world of work bouche, for students to start exploring different career paths and placement opportunities straight away.

Our laptop loan scheme, for students to access any remote opportunities.

Our resource loan scheme, enables students to borrow any resources needed for educational and creative purposes and return them once finished.

Our ‘smart clothes’ grant scheme, enables students to dress for their new futures, with clothes vouchers.


Diversity in employment
Creates a stronger, more resilient, determined next generation
Communities work together to bring about change
Reduction in youth unemployment
Students ‘pay forward’ and become our next set of role model
State schools, parents and underprivileged communities are supported