Success Stories


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Even though Leo was predicted level 7 and 8 across the board for his GCSEs, he still struggled with social anxiety and confidence, due to an underlying disability.

After having the combination of tuition, mentorship and new opportunities, Leo is now much more confident, experiences less social anxiety, has weekly opportunities to socialise with his new peer group and his predicted grades went up to level 9 in Maths and English.


AA Educates student Yunus, had ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur.

Through our programme he was invited to an entrepreneurial event by the owner of Asian Wealth Magazine and The Foundxrs Club.

At the event he met a very successful businessman, who was so impressed by the fact that a young ambitious student was there, he offered Yunus an apprenticeship and personal mentorship.


Meet Kaydia… she has been on our programme from the start.

She was gifted a laptop for her dedication to growing her mindset from our supporters, The Tobun Foundation. She has experienced so many opportunities through our programme and has now fallen in love with the idea of studying Biomedical Engineering. Her ambition is to advance healthcare treatments.

Because of her hard work and aspiration, we were able to secure Kaydia a bursary (with one of our partners) at a top independent school… where we are sure she will continue to flourish!

“I am so very grateful for the opportunities that I was given through this programme. Thank you for the support and mentorship. I am now looking forward to my future.”