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Despite grappling with social anxiety and confidence that once kept him silent, Leo dared to dream big – aspiring to soar as an aerospace engineer.

Armed with a vision for his future, Leo embarked on a transformative path. Through targeted skill-building, particularly in the area of communication, along with immersive masterclasses and opportunities, Leo's once-muted voice found its strength. With each stride forward, his confidence blossomed and the weight of social anxiety began to lift. Now, guided by a skill builder who shares his passion, Leo embraces opportunities to nurture his aspirations. With the guidance of an engineer and aviation expert, he not only gains knowledge but also the belief in his own potential.


Yunus, has an ambition; to become an entrepreneur. Through our programme, Yunus received an extraordinary opportunity. He was invited to an entrepreneurial event hosted by the owner of Asian Wealth Magazine and The Foundxrs Club.

Yunus crossed paths with a highly successful businessman who was impressed by the presence of such an ambitious young man. Recognising Yunus's potential, he extended an offer that would change the course of Yunus's journey – an apprenticeship with personal mentorship. In that moment, the seeds of opportunity were sown, Yunus found himself boosted towards his dreams with guidance. His story serves as a powerful reminder that within every opportunity lies the potential for transformation.


Kaydia's journey has been nothing short of inspiring, as she transformed her aspirations into tangible actions. Enriched by numerous opportunities and experiences provided through our programme, Kaydia has discovered her passion for becoming a physiotherapist, driven by a deep desire to advance healthcare treatments.

We were thrilled to facilitate Kaydia's acceptance into a prestigious independent school, in partnership with one of our collaborators. Recently, Kaydia had the invaluable opportunity to immerse herself in the world of physiotherapy at UNTIL. This experience further ignited her passion to her chosen path. Expressing her gratitude, Kaydia shared, "I am thankful for the opportunities given to me through this programme. The support from AA Educates has truly shaped my journey and I anticipate what the future holds."