student progress tracked with published reports

The issue we are tackling

Black Caribbean pupils are twice as likely to be subject to fixed-term exclusion and four times more likely to be permanently excluded. Pupils with special educational needs and children from Gypsy, Roma, and Irish Traveller communities are also more likely to be excluded.

Schools considering exclusion have a difficult decision to make, having to weigh the profound implications it has on a young person’s life with the interests and needs of pupils and staff. We support school leaders in this hard duty, whilst ensuring no child gets left behind.

AA Educates

Our Programme

Using our proven proof of concept, AA Educates supports schools to ensure that each student is benefiting from a high-quality education, that is right for them. At-risk students and non-attenders, join our programme to receive tailored intervention, combining tuition, mentorship and opportunities. Our programme is delivered in three phases, designed to structure objectives.

We work closely with state schools to support students who have been identified as being at risk of exclusion or who are non-attenders. All the students we work with are in receipt of free school meals.


September (for the whole academic year)

January (for half of the academic year)

                                                                             Did you know? The economy also pays the price when a child is excluded


Each student learns:

  • How to achieve
  • To be resilient
  • How to set goals
  • To believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Strategies to work through worry and anxiety
  • Growth mindset
  • Self-care
  • To reflect
  • That they matter

Each student has:

  • A personalised progress plan
  • A 1:1 role model mentor
  • Tuition in English, Maths and Science
  • Access to our laptop loan scheme
  • An aspirational trip
  • A must-read inspirational book
  • A vision board and a journal
  • A learning buddy/accountability partner