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Andrine Allen

Andrine Allen is an accomplished, fully qualified teacher, early years specialist, private tutor, Shine ambassador, guest speaker and AA Educates programme director and founder.

Andrine, was recently named one of the top 100 women by NatWest WISE100; who recognised her as one of the most inspiring and influential women in social enterprise, impact investment and mission-driven business.

16-year-old Andrine and a small group of friends went to collect their GCSE results. One friend, in particular, was noticeably distraught after receiving his grades. Andrine, being the closest to him, briefly consoled him and thought nothing more of it. Two days later, he had taken his own life.

For months, Andrine questioned what she could have done. She asked the teachers, his mother and all the other adults around him. Why was he not protected? What could have made a difference to him achieving the results he had so desperately desired? The biggest question she had was for the education system. This trauma sparked a life-long passion for Andrine, resulting in her becoming a qualified teacher in 2013, with one goal in mind “TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

"I symbolise everything that AA Educates represents; the vision, dedication and passion are so strong. I truly believe that AA Educates is my higher calling, and I am extremely grateful and excited to watch it grow and break down barriers!”

Andrine Allen

After teaching and privately tutoring for many years, Andrine has had first-hand insight into the educational divides that so comfortably sit in society. Fast forward to 2020 and the arrival of Covid-19 and school closures. A whole new set of issues came to the forefront and shed light on education poverty. This brought back sensitive memories for Andrine. Once again, she finds herself compelled to act, this time with a bigger sense of duty.

"I’ve always been drawn to students who need that extra bit of support and attention, just like my friend needed. They are the students that I remember and miss most. I would often set myself personal challenges to see how far I could transform my students. I surprised myself with the ability to achieve radical transformations with the most troubled students. This led me to give up my Saturdays to transform the lives of more disadvantaged students with a project called Shine."

Andrine Allen

Andrine is an outstanding teacher, with excellent classroom management skills and a genuine passion for helping children of all abilities to realise and reach their full potential.

Franca La Malfa, Ex-Headteacher, Camelot Primary School